[GTCM010] No More Hits

by Sishi Rösch

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For it’s tenth EP, Get The Curse Music features the sound of Barcelona’s rising star, Sishi Rösch. He delivered an EP that shines with the use of strange vocal samples, lethal basslines and vintage drum machine funk.
True to the Get The Curse spirit, this is an EP that champions a very depraved understanding of dancefloor hedonism, and it’s got more bombs than a B-52 in 1964. Devoid of unecessary bells and whistles, this will make a killing at freaky parties and civilized bashes alike. Only a fool would miss out on those anthems. So go ahead and pick your poison.

01 - Relax Your Legs
The track begins with an elastic 808 cowbell and a beat made with an undoubtedly old school kit. Weird vocals mesh with eldritch pads to create an unsettling mood, yet the bassline supplies this opener with a lethal dose of funk. The injunction is to relax your legs, but could Mr Rösch in fact be taking the piss? It’s quite impossible to imagine a dancefloor not to be reacting to this kooky number.

02 - No More Hits
The old school drum kit is once again put to good use and it structures a pendulous beat cadenced by a thick bassline. Add pitched down vocals and a remarkably straightforward assembly of said elements. With undead boogie of this caliber, less is definitely more when it comes to dancefloor pounding.

03 - Harlem 4AM
As the EP progresses, Sishi’s tracks get more and more tantalizing. On Harlem 4AM, the producer uses his unique palette to produce another belter. Thanks to top notch drum programing and a dancefloor- tailored bassline that isn’t shy with the syncopation this track is all about fiendish funk.

04 - Relax Your Legs (Siopsis remix)
This remix takes Relax Your Legs into a more tech house territory. The track’s basic foundations are a lightly rumbling groove, treated vocals, wicked stabs and a discreet yet utterly efficient bass line.
Beguiling synth leads modulated throughout the remix give a sense of ebb and flow. It’s certainly the less sinister number on this EP, but wether you use it as an upper or a downer is left entirely at your own discretion.

05 - No More Hits (Clement Meyer & Tomas More Moonshines remix)
Here’s one of the very first collabs from talented Parisian producers Meyer & More. They take the freak factor of the original to a whole new level of darkness and chemical overindulgence. Vocals are treated and mangled and a variety destructive effects are used to create a cold, aseptic atmosphere.
It’s a bold choice for source material so funky, but the Parisians pull it off effortlessly. With breaks and drops strategically placed, dancefloor-captivating procedures abound and rest assured they’ll work their wonders. Plus there’s that creeper of a sub bass that certainly won’t go unnoticed on respectable sound systems.


released May 7, 2012



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